© 2005, Gary L. Varner
Used with permission

"The Muses of Inspiration
Hail the Spirit"
Gand Stairway

Grand Stairway
North (View Northwest)

Grand Stairway
North (View Northeast) 

North wall murals
Grand Stairway
Anonymous Friend of the JSS Gallery

Grand Stairway
South (View Southeast)

Grand Stairway

The Barbinger of Light
Chavannes mural, 2nd Level
Boston Public Library
(view North from Grand Stairs)
Photo 2005
Puvis de Chavannes - French Artist
Jpg: inkmusings.com

Chavannes would also paint eight murals on the walls of  the Grand Stairway representing disciplines of poetry, philosophy, and science

Floor Plan of the BPL

Boston Public Library 


Special thanks to Gary L. Varner, a friend of the JSS Gallery,  for the images he took on his trip.

Created 1/25/2006