Jean-Baptiste-Fortuné De Fournier's cupola of the Villa di San Donato
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Anatole N. Demidoff, 1st Prince of San Donato (1813-1870)  
Veduta del salone della villa Demidoff a San Donato
(cupola of the Villa di San Donato)
Jean-Baptiste-Fortuné De Fournier
Gouache su carta
70 x 58.5 cm

From: Alexandre G. Tissot Demidoff 

These two paintings by Fournier are of the cupola of the Villa di San Donato from the time of Prince Anatole Demidoff [thumbnail left].  You can see paintings of his father, Count Nicholas, and mother, Baronne Stroganoff, as well as, statues of the Emperor Napoleon and of the Emperor's mother, Laetezia.  The Napoleonic items were purchased from Anatole's father in law, King Jerome Bonaparte. These date to the 1840's 

Text on these painting located here 

John Singer Sargent

Princess Demidoff 
(Helene Petrovna Demidova, 
Princess of San Danto -- 1853-1917) 


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