Painting Found in Bedding of a Chair:
January 22 , 2001 

Dear Natasha Wallace

I am writing to you because I believe that I have unearthed a John Singer Sargent painting. The interesting point in this is that the believed painting is under four chairs in my sister in law's dinning set. This massive table and 6 chairs were purchased from a European antique dealer. The set perportedly originates from a European castle. It appears to date around the turn of the century. Last night while eating dinner my husband accidently cracked the elephant skin seat to reveal an oil painting beneath it.

After we pulled back the seat we could see the Singer signature in the corner of the canvas. We quickly inspected the other chairs to find four quarters of the same painting beneath the chairs. what should we do now to see if this is an origional? The curiosity is killing us. I am an art teacher and have been researching all day. It appears to be a garden or still life scene of flowers done in his early impressionistic style. I would appreciate any advice you can give me.



Updated 11/8/2001