John Singer Sargent -- Letters  (Frontpage)

Emily Sargent to Vernon Lee September 22, 1880

"He expects to remain in here indefinitely, as  long as he finds he can work with  advantage,  . . . has taken a Studio in the   Palazzo Rezzonico, Canal Grande, an  immense house where several artists are   installed, . . .where one of his Paris friends  has also taken a room to work in"
(Emily Sargent to Vernon Lee, September 22, 1880, Miller Library, Colby College,  Waterville, Maine, quoted in Ormond p. 95  n. 32 quoted in Hills, p. 49)

The Paris Friend was Ramon Subercaseaux, Chilean consul to Paris who was an amateur painter himself. Sargent had painted his wife in 1880.

“The months of September and October [1880] passed in their [the Sargent’s] delightful company, occupied by art and excursions.”
Ramon Subercaseaux Memorias de Ochenta Anos: Recuerdos Personales, Critica, Reminiscencias Historicas, Viajes, Anecdotas, Vol. 1 (Santiago, 1936), pp. 388-9; quoted in Olson’s book, p.80

Madame Ramon Subercaseaux
Oil on canvas
165.1 x 109.9 cm (65 x 43 1/4 in.)