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I am accepting submissions in a variety of formats including commentaries, interviews, essays, critical studies, research notes, unpublished historical documents, family history, photos, images of paintings, scholarly papers, and or forum entries. Submissions can be of any length.

If you have an idea as to where you think the information would be presented best (such as on a specific painting's web plate, thumbnail page, forum section) please include your suggestion.

Featured Writers

The Featured Writers is a separate section intended to highlight significant articles written by people for the JSS Gallery. These are original articles of note covering any topic of interest within the broad parameters of the gallery's Mission Statement.

Editorial preference is given to articles that are thought-provoking and well constructed. The Featured Writers section is looking for pieces that run at least a thousand words. These will be set apart and highlighted under the Thumbnail Index page.

Great latitude is given in terms of subject matter. It can be about new interpretations or new avenues of research. It can be about a specific painting, a time period, or location. It can be about personal reflections or a person's experience. Articles should be written in an engaging style and appeal to an educated general audience as well as scholars in the field.

Style Guidelines

Images are preferred in a jpg format.

It helps if articles are sent within the body of an e-mail, a text "txt" document, or a web "html" document.

Text and photographs can be snail-mailed, although e-mailed is preferred.

Please give sources and use appropriate documentation. If they are from a webpage, please include the URL such as:

Send information to: Natasha Wallace