This beautiful award is suitable for hanging, hitchhiking, or sticking in a pie

 The coveted Natasha-Thumb 
Is given to those sites where content is paramount! These are sites worthy of a person's time. It represents the cream of its class and must demonstrate an informative, entertaining or pleasing on-line web experience and not look like an adjunct to a sales brochure or a "tease page" to a museum -- in other words, it must contain substance and bells-and-whistles are ignored. 

The coveted Natasha-Thumb is given judiciously to the most rarest of the best.  

Behind closed and locked doors, and with the full weight of the carefully evaluated information before her, Natasha is the final arbiter of the coveted Natasha-Thumb . .  .  

Just pray to God she had a good day! 

To the sacred hall of winners and the Best of Links


The Natasha Curve was developed for the expressed and sole purpose of the coveted Natasha-Thumb evaluation process. The parameters of the model are a trade secrete. However it should not be confused, nor is there any resemblance to the Bell Curve. Believe me, we work very hard to keep it that way.