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Sarah Bernhardt in "L'Aiglon"
Antonio de la Gandara - French portrait painter (1861-1917)
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After Sarah's successes in the lead role of Hamlet (1899), she repeated the impersonation of men in 1900 as the fate-ridden son of Napoleon I, in Rostand's L'Aiglon. It was so successful she took the show to London the following year. 

This would be the third picture of Sarah Bernhardt done by La Gandara which is in fact an illustration (black and white mainly) done for the Rostand play published by Lafitte in 1910. The first painting  -- the "main one" (1892) -- was exhibited at the World Fair (1900) and reportedly won Gandara the silver medal; the second is of Sarah's face in the programme published on the occasion of the "Journée Sarah Bernhardt" in 1896 which I don't have. 

Sarah Bernhardt (1844-1923) 
French actress 



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