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Elizabeth Asquith
Augustus John -- British painter (1878-1961) 
Laing Gallery, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
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(Editor's Note, I told Paul about a painting of Elizabeth Asquith  by (I think) William Orpen that was sold at Sothebys (I think) this May 2004 and asked if he saw it)

From: Paul Darby 
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Date:  Sat, 22 May 2004

I know the Orpen and have a black and white image of it but I'd love to see it in colour if you know what sale it was in - maybe they had an illustrated catalog. I'm sending  an image of another Augustus John oil he did of her in 1919 (it's in the Laing Gallery, Newcastle-upon-Tyne). Thanks for the information on the Orpen, I'd like to contact the new owners. Paul

Princess Antoine Bibesco
(Elizabeth Bibesco, nee Asquith)

Elinor M. Barnard

Elizabeth Asquith (Bibesco)

John Singer Sargent

Elizabeth Asquith


Special thanks to Paul Darby, from Canada, a friend of the JSS Gallery, for sending me the image and note. 


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