Edmond Lebel
(formally know as
Tete the bearded man)
Carolus-Duran -- French portrait painter/teacher
Musée du Louvre 
Oil on canvas 
28 x 21 cm
Signed and dated 
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From: Vincent Lebel
le b  el.vin  cent@laposte.net
Date: Mar 11, 2006 

I am the grand-grand son of Edmond Lebel (1834-1908), a french painter friend of Carolus-Duran during their stay in Rome (1860-1863) at the famous Villa Medicis.
The portrait called: "Tete the bearded man
1862" is actually a portrait of Edmond Lebel, as I  agree with Musée d'Osay in Paris, where this painting is held.

I would be pleased to give you more details on this "band" of french artists in Rome called the "Caldarrosti"...


On the 26th of  December 1860, seven young French artists left Paris for Rome: Some of them have won the the famous “Prix de Rome” and were appointed resident in Villa Medicis, some other wanted to feed their inspiration from “exotic” scenes and landscapes.

Edmond Lebel was part of this voyage, as his friends Jules Lefebvre and Léon Bonnat, also visiting Léon Gogniet’studio in Paris.

Most of theses artists stayed in Rome 2 or 3 years, and after their return to France, decided to celebrate each year on the 26th of December their departure to Rome!

Many famous artists, hosted in Ville Médicis in the years 1860-1863, joined later the team proclamed “CALDARROSTI” (in italian: hot and fries, like chicken in Roman restaurants):


Léon Cogniet (1793-1880) , their teacher
Edmond Lebel (1834-1908)
Jules Lefebvre (1834-1912)
Léon Bonnat (1833-1922)
Carolus-Duran (1837-1917)
Tony Robert-Fleury (1837-1912)
James Bertrand (1823-1887)
Jean-Jacques Henner (1829-1905)
Jean-Paul Laurens (1838-1921)
Paul Emile Sautai (1842-1901)
Hector Leroux (1829-1900)
Albert Giraud (1839-1920)


Constant Moyaux  (1835-1911)


Théodore Dubois (1837-1924)
Charles Lenepveu (1840-1916)


Jean- Baptiste Carpeaux (1827-1875)

A huge correspondance is kept showing how tight it was between these artists troughout their carreer, on top, a small book was printed with photos of the artists (business card format)    as well as material for invitations (decorated “bristols” i.e. invitation card )....

Also can be noticed that a usual practice, as a rule for the Villa Médicis residents, was to paint portraits of their colleagues: For instance, Edmond Lebel was depicted by Carolus-Duran  (Musée d’Orsay), by  Léon Bonnat (Musée de Picardie, Amiens), Jules Lefèbvre (drawing owned by the grand-son of the artist : Jean-Edmond Lebel, born 1912),.... an other portrait of Edmond Lebel  painted by Carolus-Duran is also in Jean-Edmond’s hand

Edmond Lebel (2)
by Carolus-Duranl

Kind Regards
Vincent Lebel

Special thanks to Vincent Lebel  for sharing this with us

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