Carolus-Duran's The Triumph of Maria de Medici
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The Triumph of Maria de Medici
c. 1875-1877
Carolus-Duran -- French portrait painter/teacher
Musée du Louvre, Paris 
28 x 21 cm
Signed bottom right: Carolus-Duran 
Jpg: Joconde Database
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In 1875 Carolus-Duran received a public commission to paint a mural for the Palace Luxembourg. For what ever reason (maybe the funding didn't come right away) it wouldn't be completed until 1878.  

Carolus-Duran employed Beckwith and Sargent - two of his two star students to assist him. Both played heavily in completing the painting. Through the course of it, Sargent painted the head of Beckwith on one figure and Beckwith painted Sargent's head twice -- Duran's face also appears  --most are found under the pavilion.  

Closer look at painting under pavilion  

The finished painting wouldn't, however, make it into the Palace Luxembourg, but in 1890 was placed on the ceiling of one of the rooms of the Beauvais for the Department of the Objects in the Louvre. In 1962 it was hidden by a dropped false ceiling --  

Can you imagine?!!!!!! 



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