Dwight Blaney's Rooftops in the Rain
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Rooftops in the Rain
Dwight Blaney (1865-1944) American Painter
Private collection
Oil on canvas
14 x 28 in.
Jpg: shannons.com
From: Ben Blaney  
<bb la  ney@ironbound.net> 
Date: Thursday, December 18, 2003   

The 'Rooftops in the Rain' painting did come from my father's estate,  but it is unsigned, and no one in the family is totally convinced that  it was done by Dwight. If it is by him, it is the only known painting  by him of that size & shape, as well as subject matter (over the  rooftops). 



David Blaney, the artist's son; David Blaney estate sale, Weston, Massachusetts July 24, 1990, Number 32.   


Vose Galleries, Boston, Massachusetts, "Mary Bradish Titcomb and her Contemporaries, the Artists of the Fenway Studios", May 30 - June 31, 1998, # 53.  


Sold Shannons Fine Art, April 2002, lot 26,  


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