Anne Hutchinson on Trial
Edwin Austin Abbey -- American illustrator/ painter
Harvard College Library
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The depiction of Anne Hutchinson on trial appeared in a popular nineteenth-century history of the United States.


Hutchinson, Anne (b. Marbury)  1591-1643, She was a religious leader and American pioneer. Born in Alford, Lincolnshire, EC England, UK. In 1634 she emigrated with her husband to Boston, MA, where she was intensely committed to the Puritan movement and began to organize religious discussion meetings which rapidly took on a political tone. These meetings were suppressed in 1637, and she was expelled from the province after being tried for heresy and sedition. 
With some friends she acquired territory from the Narragansett Indians of Rhode Island, and set up a democracy (1638). After her husband’s death (1642), she removed to a new settlement in what is now Pelham Bay in New York State, where she and most of her family were killed by Indians. 




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