Francis Davis Millet's How the Gossip Grew
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How the Gossip Grew
Frank Millet 1846-1912, American artist
Private collection 
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A painting of his wife Lily having tea with an unidentified woman in their home. The other woman is possibly Frank's sister Lucia Millet who had came to live with them years earlier after an illness of Lily's and had stayed on helping tutor the children and with the housework and eventually became a permanent fixture in the family.

If the identity is correct, then you can see how the title of the painting comes about. This is Frank painting the two close women in his life with tongue firmly pressed against cheek.

A half portrait of Lily sitting, which was painted by John Singer Sargent, hangs on the wall to the right of the fireplace.

John Singer Sargent

Mrs. Frank Millet

It's possible that this could be in their Russell House at Broadway where they moved in 1886.

Russell House 


Broadway, The Cotswolds, England 


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