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The Feathered Hat
(Comtesse de Loriol Chandieu)
Paul César Helleu -- French painter
Pastel on paper
 127.6 x 72.4 cm (50.24 x 28.50 in.)
Jpg: ARC 
Comtesse de Loriol Chandieu's son would marry the daughter of the Mrs. Huth Jackson from Scotland, according to the Comtesse's grandson, Peter de Loriol. Mrs Huth Jackson was painted by John Singer Sargent (Helleu's best friend.)  

I asked Peter, given the name of his grandmother, if his Grandfather and father were French.

From: Peter de Loriol 
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003  
My father was English despite the French name. It happens sometimes, like Davy Crockett whose real name was David Crocketagne, who came from France with his parents! But he was a real American hero. My Father's title, despite sounding french, was English. There's quite a story to that! 

I grew up in France only because my mother worked for Unesco, but my Anglo-Swiss grandmother died sometime before I was born. 

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