Philip Alexius de Laszlo's Jane Clarkson
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 Jane Clarkson
Philip Alexius de Laszlo -- British painter (1869-1937)
Oil on Canvas 
50 x 40 in
Signed and dated 1935 
Jpg: Friend of the JSS Gallery


From: Wendy & Gordon Hawksley 
Date: Sun, 11 Aug 2002  
Jane Clarkson was a former Busby Berkeley dancer. She may have been the wife of Grosvenor B Clarkson, an American friend of de Laszlo's. 

Special thanks to Wendy & Gordon Hawksley, of Sheffield, England, friends of the JSS Gallery, for sending me a note regarding this image, who said additionally: 

The Jane Clarkson image came from a small catalogue published by the Christopher Wood Gallery, 15 Motcomb Street, London, SW1. The catalogue relates to an exhibition the gallery held in November 1987 entitled 'Edwardian Elegance' which concentrated on 'English Portraits and Figure Subjects - c. 1890-1930'. The only other De Laszlo portrait in the catalogue is one of the late Queen


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