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Jane Emmett
Wilfrid de Glehn -- English painter (1870-1951)
Oil on canvas 
49 x 40 in
Signed upper right W DeGlehn and dated 1931
Jpg: borghi.org




The Artist 

Jane Emmett DeGlehn until 1953 

Rosamond Sherwood, Stockbridge, Mass until 1985

Private Collection, New York until 1999


From:  Mary-Jane Emmet 
mem  met@taconic.net
Date: Wednesday, March 10, 2004

You should know that the painting you show on your web site of "Jane Emmet" is not of Jane de Glehn but of her niece Jane Emmet, my late husband's sister. I  think the painting of Jane was done at the Emmets' house in Stony Brook (Long Island).  Jane died 4 years or so ago - she never married.


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