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Edward Robinson
Metropolitan Museum, New York
Oil on canvas 
143.5 x92.1 cm (56 1/2 x 36 1/4 in.) 
Gift of Mrs. Edward Robinson, 1931 
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This portrait is of the esteemed director of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts -- Edward Robinson who was appointed director in 1902. 

It is the same Edward Robinson who would later strike the deal with Sargent (1916) to buy Madame X for the Metropolitan Museum in New York. John had known Edward since the 1890's when Edward was  working at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts as a curator of classical antiquities. And it was Edward that spearheaded the fund drive for continuation of the Boston Public Library murals after its first instillation in 1895. By 1902 Edward had moved up to Director. In '05 he left Boston to become the Assistant Director of the Met; and would become Director of the Met in 1910. He would serve in this capacity for a long twenty-one years. 

For an artist, Edward was a powerful and influential man to know and was clearly a friend in John's corner. In many ways Sargent gives us a portrait paying homage to this powerful man -- a mover-and shaker in his world. Robinson must have loved his portrait. 

Richard Morris Hunt 
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