(Close-up Left hand)
Jpg: Andy Yelenak



Special thanks to Andy Yelenak, a contributing friend of the JSS Gallery, for taking this picture to share with us.

From Andy Yelenak
I've become obsessed with Sargent's work over the past few years and I
have been trying to see as many pieces in person that I can. I'm lucky, living
in Connecticut puts many museums with easy travel distance.
My profession has been illustration but now I am trying to transition to
oil portraiture. I love Sargent's style but you really need to see the artwork
up close to get a sense of his technique. Lately I've starting taking closeups
of interesting sections of his work. My intention is to put them on a web site
of my own eventually for other artist's research, but for now I thought you
might like to let your visitors get a closer view.
 All photos were taken where photography was allowed by the museum.  I only
have a few so far but there will be more to come. Let me know if you have any
interest and I'll send you some jpegs.. 



Created 10/24/2008