Hand Clasping a Knotted Rope
1892-1903 (third angle from the right, in his left hand)

Sketch Angel with Staff
(not used in final version)

Sketch for Angels Frieze - Angel



Frieze of Angels
(Sargent Hall, south wall)
Dogma of the Redemption: Frieze of Angels
Oil on canvas with plaster and
papier-mâché reliefs
213.4 x 674.4 cm
(1999 photo)
Jpg: Sargentmurals.bpl.org

The Frieze of Angels with eight in number represent Regeneration and the Resurrection as Christ rose on the eighth day.  
Below Christ's feet and between the two angles is a pelican feeding its young from the blood of its breast which is also an ancient symbol of the Resurrection (Charteris P.166). 

The Doctrine of the Trinity, Frieze of Angels, with the Crucifixion  
South End: lunette   

Sargent Hall  
General view of South End, Boston Public Library

Sargent Hall
Floor plan

Boston Public Library 



Created 8/27/2003