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Head of Neith

Detail of Archer

Pagan god Astarte

Detail of Astarte



Sketch of a Male Torso 
(Archer for Astarte)



Pagan Gods Astarte and head of Neith
(North End: Vaulting, right side)
John Singer Sargent -- American painter 
Boston Public Library Murals
Jpg: artmuseums.harvard


Upper half is Head of Neith (upside down - see alternate flipped image). Lower half is Astarte.

"(. . .) in contrast, is the beautiful, soulless figure of Astarte, goddess of sensuality, veiled in blue, standing upon the crescent, and surrounded by enticing, female figures and prostrate victims."

-- John Singer Sargent, 1916
(Sargent's Own Explanation on murals

Pagan Gods Full Image

General view of North End, Sargent Hall, Boston Public Library

Sargent Hall
Floor plan

Boston Public Library 



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