Mrs. Charles E. Inches 
(nee Louise Pomeroy)
John Singer Sargent -- American painter  
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 
Oil on canvas 
86.36 x 60.64 cm (34 x 23 7/8 in.))
Anonymous gift in memory of Mrs. Charles Inches' daughter, Louise Brimmer Inches Seton

Jpg: MFAThe Pragmatic Romanticist
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The painting was exhibited at the The World Columbian Exposition, Chicago, in 1893. 


The artist; to Dr. Charles E. Inches; to Mrs. Charles E. Inches (Louise Pomeroy), the sitter, to 1933; to Mrs. Henry Seton (Louise Brimmer Inches), her daughter, to 1971; to Henry Seton, her husband, to 1974; to private collection; to MFA, 1991, anonymous gift.


Sargent's Women,  Adelson Galleries, New York, 2003

    Nicole Kidman's Mrs. Charles E. Inches
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