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Betty Wertheimer
John Singer Sargent -- American painter 
National Museum of American Art. Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.
Oil on canvas
128.3 x 100.0 cm (50 1/2 x 39 3/8 in)
Gift of John Gellatly

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Betty was featured in a double portrait with her sister seven years previously.

Ena and Betty, Daughters of  Asher and Mrs. Wertheimer

From: Hugh Wilding 
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Date:  Thursday, February 12, 2004 

Dear Natasha,

I was re-visiting [your site] recently and I noticed that you stated that Betty Wertheimer's first husband was "Eustace A Salaman".  FYI the gentleman's first name was "Euston" - most unusual, I know (and one usually associated with a mainline railway station in London), but in all probability Jewish. Indeed, his other name was "Abraham" - when his birth was registered, the order was reversed i.e. Abraham Euston Salaman.  Euston Salaman died on 18 Feb 1916 whilst a lieutenant in the Royal Field Artillery and his death on war service is commemorated on the CWGC Debt of Honour Register at [].  His entry states that his remains were buried at Willesden Jewish Cemetery so I conclude that he was not killed in action but rather died from wounds or from other causes.

My own interest in this family stems from my connection (2nd cousin 3 times removed) to Eustace Henry Wilding, Essie Wertheimer's husband.  Despite my own family's complete ignorance of Eustace and Essie, when I took up researching my family history I discovered that Eustace & Essie lived, died and were buried about 10 miles from where I now live.  Spooky, huh?


Hugh Wilding
Berkshire, England

From: Hugh Wilding 
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Date:  Thursday, February 26, 2004 


Thanks for your note and I certainly like to see my name up there in lights! I wonder though if you are in a position to help me?

I thought I would do a little more research on the Wertehimer family and have actually dug up a fair bit over the Internet but things are now beginning to dry up.  Do you have any material on the family that you are prepared to share with me?  For example, I googled to which I expect you are familiar with.  At the bottom of the page there are references to a series of various Wertheimer photographs - do you know if there were any .jpg picture files which this page linked to?  Does SAM have any printed work available?

I have read the 4 Wertheimer articles you link to from your pages and they were all interesting, although not necessarily accurate e.g. when Samson applied in 1854 to become a British subject, he said that he had been resident in the UK for 15 years - this implies he emigrated from Bavaria  in 1839 rather than 1830 as Resource Library Magazine states.

Almina married a man called Fachiri - do you know if this was Alexander Pandelli Fachiri, a barrister?  Again, Hilda married a man called Wilson-Young.  Do you have any further detail?  Is there a book?

Thanks for any help you can give me (especially on pictures).


From: Natasha

Hi Hugh,

The Seattle show, particularly the portion dealing with the Wertheimer family was first put together by the Jewish Museum in New York. As I understand it, there was a catalogue published that went along with this show (the Jewish Museum) which had a lot on the Wertheimers and maybe had those photographs in it as well.  I don’t know. I haven’t seen it. I would start by calling the Jewish Museum. If they are out of books and I assume they would be by now, they could at least give you the title etc and let you know what was in it; and maybe you could pick it up on the net as a used book.

Of course it goes without saying, I would be very interested in your research, at least as far as it relates to the principle people in Sargent’s paintings. Anything that you could gather together in an article on the family I would love to publish. You are way ahead of me on this research, so between the two of us you are the expert here, not me. 

Consider yourself deputized as an official JSS Gallery correspondent. Any inaccuracies at my site I want to correct – big time!!! But can you help me out by digging a little letting me know what your considered opinion is as to how I should correct and where. 

Good luck and keep me posted.


The Wertheimer paintings

Special thanks to Hugh Wilding, of Berkshire, England, a friend of the JSS Gallery, for sending me a note and a link to the first image on this.

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