Natasha Wallace (Personal Page)
My Personal Caveat:  

In reading through these pages it is important to understand that I'm neither an art scholar, nor historian. My motivation for doing this has been mostly personal with the joy of telling a great story.  I know I write in emphatic tones -- that tends to be my style which might lead to the assumption that I might know a lot more than I do. Many of my positions are evolving and not always set in the granite that my words might tend  indicate. I simply love to write (if you haven't noticed) and what better way than to just lay it before you in the manner in which I wish I could find others do so on the Net, and in the way in which I wish museums would do with their own treasures. If you keep all this in mind, you should do just fine. 

For the longest time I felt a little intimidated that I should even take on such a project, but I began to understand that if I do my job correctly, it won't be what I think that really matters. Hopefully (if I haven't reached that point yet) I will set out the evidence, the images, all that you need to form your own opinions and you won't need me to tell you what to think. If the JSS Gallery is successful, it will only be from a fidelity to this goal and from that which I hope it is judged. 



By:  Natasha Wallace
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Created 1/31/1999
Updated 7/14/2003