John Singer Sargent - Works in Oil  (Index of Catalogues)
From "John Singer Sargent: A Biography" by Charles Merrill Mount
First Edition - 1955 - W. W. Norton & Co. (out of print)

Quote from 1955: A prelude to the Works in Oils list:

"The pictures have been arranged by years in two lists: portraits in the first section, numbered consecutively according to year; works other than portraits in the second list. The dates given here are placed according to the best obtainable information. In many instances they conflict with those given in older publications, a difficulty compounded by the fact that the artist himself frequently misdated his paintings. His habit was to add the date and signature not when they were done but when they passed out of the studio to an exhibition or into the hands of a purchaser. In later years he was often asked to sign and date early works and his guesses sometimes landed a few years wide of the mark. In each case the last owner known to me has been given to aid identification."

 Note from the Pragmatic Romanticist:

I have combined both portrait and non-portrait listings under the same year. CMM numbered both the portraits and the non-portraits (the non-portraits with a leading K) and I have retained this convention.

Sargent's Works in Oil

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