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  These are the areas that I'm looking for help:

    1) Editors
    This is sort of open ended. Self editing has never been my strong suit. If you want to help the following is the best and easiest, I've found: (go to).

    2) Board Members  (go to).

How to help with Editing:

I appreciate your willingness to help. May I make five suggestions when you see something that needs editing:

1) In an effort to save you valuable time, I am well past the point of understanding that I have a blind spot when it comes to self editing, so there is no need to explain you are trying to help for fear of offending me -- I won't be. By virtue of your letter, I understand your generosity of spirit and am so grateful. Feel free to get right to the problem.

2) Each webpage, near the bottom, has a link to my contact page under my name Natasha Wallace. If you open this link by first clicking your right mouse button, you can Open a New Window so you can jump back and forth.

3) Copy the web-page address that needs help, like this:

4) Then drag with your mouse over the paragraph or sentence in question and copy it, then paste this into your letter (or Contact Form) twice giving me a before and after condition -- like this:

I just viewed a video called American Visions: the Gilded Age, done for PBS in 1997 written and narrated by Robert Hughes.

I just viewed a video called American Visions: the Gilded Age, produced in 1997 for PBS, written and narrated by Robert Hughes.


by making changes to the second, I’ll understand what you intend – especially if it’s a misspelling or a usage that is incorrect (something I often do) such as: “There are far to many mistakes in this website, but with you're help, it will be soo much better.”

5) If you are writing from an e-mail program it also helps if you can bold the area changed.

Thank you so much for your help!!!




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