Broadway Photo, Fish Inn, Late 1800s
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 Fish Inn 
 Late 1800s
Russell Sturgis Collection, Washington University Archives, St. Louis Missouri

Formerly unidentified building

From: Darryl Burrows 
m  wo @  au
Date:  Mon, 13 Oct 2003 

Dear Natasha

I happened upon your tribute page to Broadway and [although I'm] writing from Australia - I can identify the building.

It is actually on the site of the Fish Inn right at the top of Fish Hill - quite near to the Tower - unless it has been demolished. The road was re-routed three or four years ago and I am not quite sure if the new road goes past the Fish Inn.

I lived all my childhood and teenage years in Broadway and spent many happy days just roaming around the hills above Broadway. I remember climbing up and down those steps you see in the photograph. I always understood that they were built like that to allow people to dismount from the stage coaches.

They changed horses at the top of the Fish because it was such a pull up the hill.

My father and grandfather were the village bakers with a shop on the village green. . . .

Village Bakers
circa 1920's

Russell Sturgis (1836-1909) was an American architect whom had collected more then 15,000 photographs of largely European architecture. The collection being one of the best collections in America



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