Broadway Photo, Village Bakers
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 Village Bakers
c 1920's
By Wilfrid Burrows
Jpg: Darryl Burrows

From: Darryl Burrows 
Date:  Mon, 13 Oct 2003 
 . . . My father and my grandfather Wilfrid Burrows who took this photo, were the village bakers with a shop on the village green. That shop is now home to Broadway Modern and I still own the building.

We remodeled the front about 15 years ago so the exterior of the ground floor today looks very different from this 1920's photo - though the upper section is still exactly the same as in this photo.

If you want more information about Broadway I can either put you in touch with people who will know - or I might even have some answers myself.






By:  Natasha Wallace
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