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View looking across the Grand Stairs
from the Rotunda
(Click on one of the murals)

Museum Library murals
Ruth and Carl J. Shapiro Rotunda and Colonnade
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Murals and sculptures

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The viewer is facing the Library from the top of the Grand Stairs. You don't quite get the depth of this space as you are only seeing the far sets of pillars.  But notice also the Bas-Reliefs which go along with the ceiling decorations -- they don't show up well in the other photographs.

Now if the viewer were to turn around they would see the Rotunda as pictured below.

The Rotunda
From the top of the Grand Stairway

Grand Stairway
Looking up towards the Rotunda

Stairway Ceiling Decorations 
Looking straight up

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston



By:  Natasha Wallace
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Created 2/18/2005

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