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Palazzi Barbaro 
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The Palazzi Barbaro (plural) is made up of two adjacent buildings. The one on the left was built in 1425, Gothic in style, and is the one owned (in part) by the Curtis family. The one on the right is more Baroque (possibly 16th or 17th century). 

In 1881 Daniel and Ariana Curtis rented the upper story apartments of which they eventually bought in 1885. Their son, Raph Curtis studied painting Plazzo Barbaro Ballroomwith Sargent in Paris. Sargent's father was a cousin of Daniel Curtis. During their stay, the Curties' would receive visitors -- many expatriate Americans with Harvard or Boston connections such as Isabella Stewart Gardner, Vernon Lee, Henry James (who would model the Barbaro for his charater Milly Theale's palazzo in his book The Wings of the Dove), and John Singer Sargent (who painted the Curtises' in the opulent Ballroom). 

The Palazzo is located second in from the Accademia bridge.  

From:  Philip Resheph  
Date: October, 2000 

If you look at the left of F6, on the northern side of the Grand Canal there is a small canal  (the Rio dell'Orso) which leads away from the Grand Canal north-northeast. The Curtis Palazzo Barbaro is on the Grand Canal on the left (western) side of Rio Dell'Orso. 




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