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Map oriented to north (Jpg: Chiese di Venezia) 

Looking southwest from the campanile of San Marco . You can get your bearings quickly from the domes of the Santa Maria della Salute . Just to the left of that at the tip of the island is La Dogana Venice: La DoganaLa DoganaLa Dogana.  The Redentor is in the far background fronting the canal Giudecca Giudecca

Mary with the Child 
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Church of SS. Redentore, Venice 
Oil on canvas 


The Redentore 
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View looking south from the canal Giudecca 


Venice's first great plague church was built to celebrate the deliverance from the plague of 1575-7. An especially conspicuous site was chosen, one that could be approached in grandly ceremonial fashion. The ceremony  continues today, on every third Sunday of July, when a bridge of boats is built across the Giudecca Canal. 

Andrea Palladio, who always paid great attention to the settings of his buildings, was a natural choice as architect. He designed an eye-catching building whose prominent dome appears to rise directly behind the Greek-temple façade, giving the illusion that the church is centrally planned, as was traditional with sanctuaries and votive temples outside Venice. A broad flight of steps sweeps up to the great entrance door, an effect Palladio had often used in his mainland villas. 

The solemn and harmonious interior, with its single nave lit by large `thermal' windows, testifies to Palladio's study of Roman baths. However, the Capuchin monks, the austere order to whom the building had been entrusted, were not pleased by its grandeur; Palladio attempted to mollify them by designing their choir stalls in a deliberately plain style. 

The best paintings are in the Sacristy, including a Virgin and Child by Alvise Vivarini and a Baptism by Veronese. 


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