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Well Head
Jpg: Philip Resheph

The cistern or well (pozzo) can be found in the middle of most Campi. Given the shallow island nature of the city, fresh drinking water was a problem and the wells were filled by the rainwater from the rooftops of the surrounding houses. 

Philip Resheph tells me: "This one is by Bartolomeo Bon - most campi have at least one and they seem to crop up in JSS's paintings."

I especially enjoy this photo as it shows so clearly not only the decorative well head but the balustrade behind it which is similar to what Sargent painted in his portrait of Richard Morris Hunt.

Richard Morris Hunt

Not all well heads are quite as ornate as Bon's.  In a more general area of the city and less affluent the well head shown in the photo lower left is much closer to Sargent's painting of Venetian Water Carriers (lower right). 


Venetian Water Carriers

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