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Rialto Bridge at night

View up the stairs of the Rialto Bridge. You can see the shop doors closed for the night.

View looking north

The Grand Canal from the Rialto Bridge looking south. The sparkling light off the canal playing against the walls of the palaces, you can see why artists love the light of Venice

View South on a rainy day

View Rialto Bridge from the Grand Canal


Rialto Bridge
Jpg: David W. Spracklen

The ponte di Rialto (or the Rialto bridge -- ponte meaning bridge) was built in 1588-92 by Antonio Da Ponte. Until the nineteenth century it was the only bridge over the Grand Canal.  It replaced a wooden one previous which can be seen in Carpaccio's painting of The Miracle of the True Cross in the Accademia. On the bridge itself and on either side are shops that are open during the day.

Rialto Bridge - from bridge
Virtual Tour Images 360 provided by -- click right mouse button to move within image after load

Rialto Bridge - from canal side
Virtual Tour Images 360 provided by -- after load - click right mouse button to move within image

Special thanks to Tommaso Esmanech of Verona, Italy, a friend of the JSS Gallery, for offering the virtual tour.


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