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Looking west at east elevation, the Basilica San Marco is to the left

Looking south at north elevation, the Logetta is just to the left


The Logetta, at the base of the Campanile

View down at Piazza

View looking Northeast from campanile (you can see the top of the Clock Tower towards the bottom)

View looking East out along the Riva Degli  Schiavoni. What was once the main port to ships coming from India and the far east now brings luxury linears carring tourists. (you can see the top of the Palazzo Ducale at bottom)

Looking southwest from the Campanile




(kämpän´l) the name derives from the Italian word for bell and means "bell tower". They were constructed in connection with a church or town hall and served as a belfry, watch tower, and often functioned as a civic monument. Generally they are free-standing and detached from the church. 

Originating in the 6th century, the campaniles were the earliest church towers in Europe and were generally circular in shape (such as the later  Leaning Tower of Pisa, 1173) but more often the square kind became most common. 

This campanile, built in the 10th century, is the tallest structure in Venice at 99 meters (or 325 feet) tall. It also served as a lighthouse to the ships coming in. 

In July, 1902, the whole thing collapsed. Luckily it didn't cause any damage to the Bacilica  or the Libreria(the Logetta  faired less well). While Sargent was there beyond 1902, his paintings show the noteable absence of the tower. 


It was subsequently rebuilt -- not sure exactly what year.

"Inside the tower there are 5 large cast iron
bells. Each has a name and a purpose; Marangona rang mornings and evenings at the beginning and end of the work day, Maleficio rang for capital executions, Nona rang at the 9th hour, Trottiera called  magistrates to meetings in the Palazzo Ducale, and the bell of  Pregadi called senators to the Palace." 
(History and Curiosity)



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