Studio di mano par Madonna delle Arpie
(Study of Hand Study for Madonna delle Arpie)
1517 ?
Andrea del Sarto, (1486-1530) Florentine painter
Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence, Italy
Carbon (Pencil) Drawing 
27 X 21 cm
Uffizi 628 (bars 88)
Jpg:  Andrea Costa 
Madonna delle Arpie
(Madonna of the Harpies

See John Singer Sargent's drawing in Juxtaposition:
Andrea del Sarto  
 Florentine painter (1486-1530)

Preparatory Study

Close-up of finished hand from Madonna delle Arpie

John Singer Sargent 

Forearm and Hand Holding a Book, after Andrea del Sarto


Special thanks to Andrea Costa, of Italy, a friend of the JSS Gallery, for sending me this image

From: Andrea Costa
cos t
Date: Jan 11, 2006

Enclose is the description of the drawing taken from the book where I found the image [copied and annotated above], together with the cover and the frontispiece of the same book, dated 1962.


I Grandi Maestri Del Disegno   
Andrea   Del Sarto   
Testo di  Luisa Becherucci   
Aldo Martello Editore - Milano.

The Great Masters of Drawing
Andrea   Del Sarto
by Luisa Becherucci
Martello Publisher - Milan.



Created 1/11/2006