Andrea del Sarto
Hand Study for Madonna delle Arpie
27 X 21 cm
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Andrea del Sarto close-up of Madonna delle Arpie' finished hand
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John Singer Sarent's
Forearm and Hand Holding a Book, after Andrea del Sarto
26.3 x 34.3 cm.
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Close-up of Madonna delle Arpie  Juxtaposition
(Editor's Note - I originally had just the finished painting for juxtaposition with Sargent's drawing)

From: Andrea Costa
cos t
Date: Jan 11, 2006

This is the drawing by Andrea Del Sarto from which JSS probably had copied his drawing that is shown in your website.

The Del Sarto drawing of course was preparatory for the Madonna delle Arpie, that is correctly shown together with Sargent's.



Andrea del Sarto  
 Florentine painter (1486-1530) 
Madonna delle Arpie
(Madonna of the Harpies

Detail of Madonna of the Harpies 

Created 2/28/2003