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Photo of Donna Franca Florio
(20 years old)

Photo of Donna Franca Florio

Photo of Donna Franca Florio
1890 (2nd)

Donna Franca with Kaiser

Portrait of Donna Franca Florio
Giovanni Boldini -- Italian-French portrait painter
Private collection
Oil on canvas
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From: Christie's 

The Florio family had an estate near Palermo called Olivuzza, a focal point for royalty, including Wilhelm II, Emperor of Germany, aristocracy and high ranking officials. Donna Franca was considered by Jean Philippe Worth to be the best-dressed and most beautiful woman in Italy and her husband's fortune afforded her the life of a sovereign. While Don Ignazio's enterprises included the "Marsala Florio", his other projects in Palermo resulted in the Teatro Massimo, the Hospital, and the Institute for the Blind - buildings which were worthy enough to compete with the latest government constructions in Rome, such as the Palace of Justice. Following the financial ruin of the Florio family their painting collection was sold between the years of 1927 and 1928. A full length portrait by Boldini of Donna Franca Floria, dated 1924, was sold at Christie's New York, 1 November 1995, lot 12.
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Special thanks to Gabriella Alu', of Palermo, Italy and Stephanie, both friends of the JSS Gallery, for gathering much of this info together for me.

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Donna Franca Florio 
c 1921

Donna Franca Florio Portrait

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