Carolus-Duran's Louis Rene Count of Gramont
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Louis Rene Count of Gramont
Carolus-Duran -- French portrait painter/teacher
c. 1890 
Oil on canvas 
Jpg: Joconde Database

From: Matt Davies  <>
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 

Louis Rene, Comte de Gramont (1883-1963), son of Agenor Duc de Gramont and Marguerite Duchesse de Gramont (nee Rothschild). The portrait must have been painted c. 1890 - I can't decipher the date in the bottom left corner by the signature. In 1916 he married Antoinette de Rochechouart Mortemart (1893-1972).

Philip Alexius de Laszlo
British portrait painter, 1869-1937
Duke of and Duchess

Special thanks to Matt Davies, of Kansas City, a friend of the JSS Gallery, for sending me a note regarding this image. 


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