Michael Del Priore -- Painting Richard Ormond in Sargent's Studio 33 Tite Street Chelsea, London
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#33 Tite St, Chelsea

Del Priore with Julian Barrows
at 33 Tite Street

Del Prior with Ormond

 Painting Richard Ormond in Sargent's Studio 33 Tite Street Chelsea, London
Michael Del Priore
 American portrait painter (living)

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From Michael Del Priore

Date: (undated but received snail mail 7/16/2004)

Dear Natasha,

Having the opportunity to look over your web on J. S. Sargent; it is wonderful.  It’s great to see someone honor the talent of such a noble painter.

I too think Sargent is the finest artist of all time. Arm in arm with Van Dyke and Valasques.

I would like to support your endeavor and see the website continue to be an inspiration to all artists.

I have had the privilege in seeing and working in Sargent’s studio at 33 Tite St. I’m a personal friend of Richard Ormond Sargent’s Great Nephew) and Julian Barrows (Owner of 33 Tite Street).

I also know Nelson Shanks well and much of his visits to Tite St. One thing of note; Nelson Shanks painted Diana & Thatcher at 33 Tite St. not [underlined] 31, because 31 has been privately occupied for years and is now under construction to be refurbished as it once was when Sargent had it. Lady Rothchild is the new owner. Nelson never used 31, nor does he own a studio in London. He rents 33 from Jullian.

(Editor's Note -- I had that confused)

As for myself, working in Sargent’s studio (33) was wonderful. The light was soft, but direct; the aura was tantalizing. I could almost feel Sargent there! 

To have the privilege in painting in the studio was one thing, but to paint his great nephew there was unbelievable!

I have enclosed a letter from Mr. Ormond sent to me about the studio sitting and the portrait. As well, a photo in action at 33 Tite St. Also, other photos with Mr. Ormond and myself at various functions and lectures on Sargent are enclosed and a few photos at 33 with Julian. He’s 6’-5” and is a very good landscape painter.

There are a few sheets on me, but you can go to my web for more detail. (www.delprioreportraits.com)

Well there is a lot more to say and some of this info can be used on your web.


Michael Del Priore

Sargent's Tite Street Studio 


Special thanks to Michael Del Priore, of Greenville, South Carolina , a friend of the JSS Gallery, for sending the images and letter.



Sampling of works by 
Michael Del Priore

Bill Gates

US President Ronald Reagan

Susan Kissimon


By:  Natasha Wallace
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Created 7/16/2004


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