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The Health of the Bride
Stanhope Alexander Forbes -- Irish painter (1857-1947)
Tate Gallery, London
Oil on canvas
152.4 x 200 cm
Presented by Sir Henry Tate 1894 --N01544
jpg: Tate Gallery


From: Tate Gallery
(display caption February 2004)

The Health of the Bride shows a view of the life of the sea . . . It shows the wedding feast of a young sailor and his bride in a local inn and,  . . . was praised for its social observation. Forbes was the leader of a group of painters who settled in the Cornish fishing village of Newlyn. They admired the quality of light there as well as the traditional ways of life, and painted local activities, far removed from the allegory and symbolism dominant in academic painting. 
(Tate Gallery)




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