Paul César Helleu's Edition Sagot-Estampes & Affiches Illustres
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Edition Sagot-Estampes & Affiches Illustres
c. 1898-1900
Chaix, Malhotra II, No. 466. 
The poster (Jan 1901) III, p.35.  
Lithograph in colors 
37 1/2 x 23 1/4; 41 3/4 x 29 5/8
Second state. Signature in stone lower right. Title in stone
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In the late 1890's Helleu was approached by the print gallery dealer Sagot about making an advertisement poster for his business. Helleu, one of the most highly regarded artists of women, was an obvious choice. 

Instead of featuring one of his archetypal drypoint prints of a woman's protrait, which Helleu would do so often for any of his clients, he cleverly shows a fashionable perspective customer sitting (presumably) within Sagot's store, leaning over and closely inspecting prints. Can't you just imagine her with a magnifying glass in her right hand? The whole image is wonderfully appealing with the woman's hand reaching back, steadying herself as she's sitting sideways on her chair. Her whole body language speaks so eloquently of her interest in the work. 

The upper image is the "second state" in the printing process with lettering at the bottom. The final poster finally looked as it appears in the bottom image. This was utlimately printed by Chaix, Malhotra II, No. 466. The poster (Jan 1901) III, p.35.   



By:  Natasha Wallace
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