Philip Alexius de Laszlo's Elinor Glyn 1912
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Elinor Glyn

Sketch of a Lady
(Lady Duff Gordon)
(sister to Elinor Glyn)

 Elinor Glyn 1912
Philip Alexius de Laszlo -- British painter (1869-1937)
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Elinor Glyn, (nee Sutherland, 1864-1943), was a bestselling romance novelist in the early 20th century, initially famous for her illicit and controversial "Three Weeks" (1907). Her other torrid books included "His Hour" (1910), In addition, Elinor Glyn was a widely published journalist, her work appearing most regularly in Cosmopolitan Magazine. An eccentric personality, Glyn is best known for her career as a screenwriter and director in Hollywood, where Paramount and MGM studios produced film versions of her novels, including "Beyond the Rocks" (1922), starring Rudolph Valentino and Gloria Swanson. Her most successful movie was "It" (1927), starring Clara Bow, whose celebrity as "The ‘It’ Girl" stemmed from that role. Privately, Glyn was a favorite with royalty, including the Queens of Spain and Romania, and was the mistress of politician Lord Curzon. Her elder sister was Lady Duff Gordon ("Lucile"), a leading couturiere of the time.

(Randy Bryan Bigham)

From: Randy Bryan Bigham 
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Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002  

This painting was actually commissioned by Glyn's then lover, politican Lord Curzon, who gave her the sapphires she wears. Glyn was filmed by the newsreels in fact while she sat for de Laszlo. 

John Singer Sargent
George Nathaniel, the  Marquess Curzon of Kedleston (Lord Curzon) 

The family still owns the 1912 and 1927 de Laszlo portraits. By the way, I can put you in touch with Glyn's executor . . . whom might give you more information on it if you would like.  

All my very best wishes, 

Randy Bryan Bigham

Special thanks to Randy Bryan Bigham and Matt Davies, friends of the JSS Gallery, for sending me a notes regarding this image. 

This portrait was reproduced with the A. L. Baldry article, "Some Recent Portraits by Mr. P.A. de Laszlo," in the Studio Magazine,Vol. LIX No. 235 (September 1916), p. 151. 

Elinor Glyn

Elinor Glyn


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