Sir William Orpen's Orpen Pleading with Sargent
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 Orpen Pleading with Sargent
25 June, 1907
Sir William Orpen  (1878-1931) Irish painter
Private (sale at Sothebys)
 Pen and black ink on writing paper
 22.5 x 17.5cm. ( 8¾ x 7in.)
signed and dated 25 June 1907
 Jpg: Sothebys

An Illustrated Letter to Mrs. St. George. The drawing being the last page of a letter.  

Orpen, in a humerous way, writes about some commission pending. Unlike Sothebys account of the latter below, I think this was all of tongue-in-cheek and shows Orpen's admiration for the elder Sargent and clearly draws himself as being under the influence of the Master.  
From: Sothebys:  
This lot suggests the competition amongst artistic peers for both public recognition and private commissions - Orpen draws himself here dwarfed by the supremely confident and commanding figure of John Singer Sargent."  

The letter is headed: 8 Bolton Gardens South S.W. and reads: 

    Dear Mrs. St George - This is really/ the final thing!! are you testing/ me to the uttermost? It is/ worse than the trial Abraham/ was put to - and I fear no/ angel will stop my mouth,/ or hand, when I speak to Sargent/ and the calm way you wrote/ it !! May you be forgiven./ I will find out from Sargent/ tomorrow if possible - e'en/ though it kills me to do it./ Will you let him paint the painting/ or will you do it yourself?/ Ive had a great dinner at Nicholson's with the Baroness/ and Max. Everybody talked/ hard till 4. she is a most/ wonderful creature - and I/ am deeply in love - she/ is coming to tea tomorrow.. isn't woppy doing well?/ Beals Wright was beaten/ by Wilding in the championships/ yesterday - However I don't/ expect he cares much - the weather here/ is terrible rain wind & cold. and all/ that sort of thing. Remember me to Poppy/ Yours very sincerely William Orpen
(Sothebys ) 


Sold at Sothebys; Sale L02950, Lot 110; 4,041,913  British Pounds; Session 1; 16 May 2002  


By:  Natasha Wallace
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Created 4/23/2002
Updated 11/7/2002