John Singer Sargent's Valdemosa, Majorca, Pomegrantes
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Valdemosa, Majorca, Pomegranates
John Singer Sargent -- American painter 
Private collection
Oil on board
 71.12 x 99.06 cm (39 x 28 in.)

Sargent did a number of paintings of Pomegranates which are all attributed to the 1908 trip to Majorca, Spain. Two of which are:

Pomegranates, Majorca
The Warner Collection of Gulf States Paper Corp., Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Oil on Canvas
71.8 x 56.5 cm (28.25 x 22.25 in)

The Brooklyn Museum, New York
Watercolor and pencil on paper
53.8 x 36.7 cm (21 3/16 x 14 7/16 in.)


This painting sold by Sothebys; 12/5/1996; Lot 39; $266,500

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