John Singer Sargent's A Parisian Begger Girl
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A Parisian Begger Girl 
John Singer Sargent -- American painter 
Terra Museum of American Art, Chicago, IL 
25.2 x 17.7 In. 
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By ‘79 Sargent begins his major portraits and he never particularly showed any desire to paint scenes of Parisian life, opting for more exotic locals for his subject paintings, this was probably done when he was studying with Carolus-Duran's atelier. 



Great Expectations: John Singer Sargent Painting Children; 2004-2005

From: Stephanie at john singer sargent's exotics 
Date: 7/10/00 

According to Richard Ormond, Carmela has been identified as the model in the Parisian Beggar Girl,  which is hanging at the Terra Museum in Chicago. Carmela posed for many of Sargent's dancers and figures in interiors (Milch Gallery art notes, 1927-1928). This is mentioned on page 72 of John Singer    Sargent book. I'll keep you informed on Carmela. 

Sold Sotheby's; 5/25/1994; Lot 66; $826,500 

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