John Singer Sargent's Alma Strettell
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Alma Strettell
(or "Stretell")
John Singer Sargent -- American painter 
c. 1889 
Private collection 
Oil on canvas
66 x 54.6 (6 x 21 1/2 in.) 
Inscribed ul: to my friend Alma Strettell
Inscription ur: John S. Sargent
 Jpg: local
 Alma Strettell, later Alma Strettell Harrison 1856-1939 

Poet and writer, she was intensly interested in folk music and wrote or co-wrote: 

  • Spanish and Italian Folk-Songs; London, 1887
  • Legends from River and Mountain; Carmen Sylva (H. M. Queen of Roumania) and Alma Strettell, Illustrated by T. H. Robinson, George Allen, London, 1896, Greenish-grey cloth illustrated in black with gilt; top-edge gilt.  No additional printings. Hardcover. 328 pages: 41 b/w illustrations; 21cm.
  • The Bard of Dimbovitza - Roumanian Folk Songs Collected from the Peasants Hélène Vacaresco,Translated by Carmen Sylva and Alma Strettell, Harper & Brothers, London, 1914


Sargent's Women,  Adelson Galleries, New York, 2003

  • See the year in review  1889
Giovanni Boldini 
Portrait of the Artist: Lawrence Alexander "Peter" Harrison  
(Husband to Alma Strettell Harrison)

Sylvia Harrison
(daughter to Alma Strettell Harrison)


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