Pagan Gods detail of Moloch

Study of a Head of a Bull
(from Middle East trip)


Pagan Gods: Moloch
(North End: Vaulting, Left side)
John Singer Sargent -- American painter 
Boston Public Library Murals
Jpg: artmuseums.harvard 

"The central figure on the left of the ceiling arch is Moloch, god of material things, a hideous monster above whose bead stands the sun with rays reaching down to draw forth the earth's bounty."

-- John Singer Sargent, 1916
(Sargent's Own Explanation on murals

Directly across from this is: 

Pagan Gods Astarte and head of Neith 
(North End: Vaulting, right side) 

Pagan Gods Full Image
Pagan Gods Full Image
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General view of North End, Sargent Hall, Boston Public Library

Sargent Hall
Floor plan

Boston Public Library 


Created 4/8/2003