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Countess of Warwick and Son (Frances Evelyn 'Daisy' Maynard)
John Singer Sargent -- American painter 
Worcester Museum, Worcester, Massachusetts.
Oil on canvas  
103 x 63 cm
Signed and dated 
Jpg: Friend of the JSS Gallery

From: Matt Davies   
Date:   Mon, 12 Aug 2002   

Frances Evelyn ('Daisy') Maynard, Countess of Warwick, was the grand-daughter and co-heiress of the last Viscount Maynard.  In 1881, after being considered as a possible wife for Queen Victoria's son Prince Leopold, she married instead Leopold's equerry, Lord Brooke.  In the 1890s she carried on a long affair with the Prince of Wales (later Edward VII), which was broken off as she began to show an increasing interest in Socialism (deemed inappropriate for a high society woman like herself), and the Prince met the Hon. Mrs. George Keppel, who remained his mistress until his death in 1910.  Daisy maintained several homes, among them the well-known Warwick Castle and Easton Lodge, where she entertained in grand Edwardian style.  She later published several volumes of reminiscences, among them Life's Ebb and Flow, for which this portrait served as frontispiece.

Countess of Warwick and Son
Photo by Lafayette, London

Special thanks to Matt Davies, of Kansas City, a friend of the JSS Gallery, for sending me a note regarding this image. 


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