John Singer Sargent's John Alfred Parsons Millet
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John Alfred Parsons Millet
Richard and Jane Manoogian colletion
Oil on canvas
36 1/4 x 24 1/8 in
Jpg: Resource Library Magazine

Frank Millet's youngest son named after two of his close friends: John Singer Sargent and Alfred Parsons.

Portrait of Laurence Millet
(brother to John Alfred Parsons Millet)



Exhibited August 26, 2001 at the Grand Rapids Art Museum.

Great Expectations: John Singer Sargent Painting Children; 2004-2005 Forum:

(Editor's Note --Previous, I had only known of two children by Frank Millet and his wife.   Bonita (in the letter below) clarified that there were more. Actually it turns out there were four -- one lost in infancy.)

Date: 9/28/2001 
From: Bonita L. Billman, M.A. 


You state that Frank [Millet]. . . had 2 children: Kate and Laurence.  They had 3: John Alfred Parsons Millet was also their son, named in honor of Sargent and painter Alfred Parsons, both part of the Broadway group.  John Alfred Parsons Millet was painted by Sargent as a small child (painting in Manoogian collection I believe, or was).

Bonita L. Billman, M.A.
Slide Curator, Art, Music & Theatre
Instructor, SSCE
Georgetown University
1221 36th Street NW Room 103a
Washington DC 20057

Date: 1/21/2002
From: Natasha

Bonita, you sure know your stuff. I just found the paitning! Many thanks.

Date: 1/22/2002
From: Bonita L. Billman, M.A. 

Isn't he a darling, with that long hair. He grew up to be a famous American psychiatrist.

By:  Natasha Wallace
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