John Singer Sargent's Lady Fishing - Mrs. Ormond
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Lady Fishing - Mrs. Ormond 
John Singer Sargent -- American painter  
Tate Gallery, London 
Oil on canvas 
184.8 x 97.8 cm 
Presented by Miss Emily Sargent in memory of her brother through the National Art Collections Fund 1929 
From: Tate Gallery Display Caption  

It was while Sargent was living in the Cotswolds during the 1880s that his painting was closest to Impressionism. He was friendly with Monet, whom he visited in France several times. Sargent rented a Violet Fishinglarge house in Fladbury, beside the River Avon, in the summer of 1889. He made there a small oil sketch of his sister Violet, as she was standing on the river bank holding a long fishing rod [thumbnail]. She then posed for him for this large painting of the same subject, probably out of doors, but not beside the river. The painting is unfinished, and he did not add the rod. The canvas was later rolled up, making the creases visible along the right hand side. 




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