John Singer Sargent's Mrs Philip Leslie Agnew
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Mrs Philip Leslie Agnew 
John Singer Sargent -- American painter  
Tate Gallery, London 
Oil on canvas 
90.8 x 74.3 cm  
Bequeathed by Mrs Philip Leslie Agnew 1957  
Jpg: Tate Gallery

Read a letter describing a sitter's experience (possibly Mrs. Philip Leslie Agnew) as she is painted by Sargent (see letter).

From: The Tate
This portrait was commissioned in 1902 by Philip Leslie Agnew (1863–1938), the Chairman and Managing Director of Bradbury Agnew & Co., the proprietors of Punch magazine. He was the grandson of Thomas Agnew, the founder of the firm of art dealers. His wife, whom he married in 1889, was Alexandra Georgette, the daughter of Ewan Christian, and this portrait shows her at the age of thirty-seven. She died in 1957 on the day before her ninety-second birthday.
Tate Gallery)


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